Bones Roadhouse
How to get here...


Over the years we've had folks come driving or riding
just about every type of vehicle you can imagine.

Once you get to Gualala it's easy to find us. We're located right on Highway One in what we call "uptown Gualala." Watch for our flaming sign on the ocean side of the highway. If you have never been to Gualala before then you might want to check our map page for detailed directions, but it is really not hard.

Bones RoadhouseIf you are in the vicinity of San Francisco, take Highway 101 north out of the city to Petaluma. Exit at East Washington Street and head west to Bodega Bay. Washington Street will turn into Bodega Highway and then join Highway 1. From Bodega Bay follow coastal Highway 1 through Jenner and several other smaller communities to Gualala. Plan on the trip taking about an hour and a half to two hours from Petaluma.

If you are coming from the north get over to Highway One on any one of the small roads that take you over the coastal range of hills to Highway One and proceed south to Gualala. We are about an hour and a half to two hours south of Fort Bragg.

Another popular route is to take the River Road exit off of Highway 101 just north of Santa Rosa and continue west to Jenner and then head north on Highway 1. We are about an hour and a half to two hours from Santa Rosa.

Whether you are coming from the south or the north the trip will be spectacular.
Take your time, drive safely, and enjoy the magnificent coastal views.

Check out our map page for more information.

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