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The following is drawn from Dayna Macy's Ravenous, an account of her odyssey
across America to better understand her cravings for certain kinds of foods:

A few months after I made some chocolate with bacon, my family and I took a vacation to Gualala, a coastal town about three and a half hours north of San Francisco.

Our favorite restaurant in town is the Bones Roadhouse, a first rate BBQ joint with a fine selection of meats and micro brews. It occurs to me that the owner, Mike Thomas, who goes by the nickname Bone Daddy, just might appreciate the bacon chocolate. After all, there is nothing this man can't do with a side of hog.

Bone Daddy comes out to say hello. He's a big burly man, well over six feet tall, with a graying ponytail, kind blue-green eyes, and a faded orange Harley-Davidson T-shirt.

Bone Daddy, I brought you a gift," I say and hand him the chocolate bacon bar.

He breaks off a piece and pops it in his mouth. After a moment he smiles just as I did. "What a trip." He waits a minute and then, like a connoisseur tasting a fine wine, says, "If you give it time, the chocolate and bacon flavors merge, I like it."

We are not adding chocolate bacon to our menu, but we definitely recommend
Dayna's book - Ravenous. You can check it out on her web site:

"Ravenous is among the most engaging,
fun and insightful books about appetite you'll ever read.
–Sue Halpern, author of
Can't Remember What I Forgot

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