Authentic Texas Style Wood Pit

Bones RoadhouseAll of our specialty meats are slow smoked with native oak & alder in our custom built J&R closed-pit smoker. First, we rub 'em with a blend of Texas spices and then they're cooked from four (chicken & ribs) to twelve hours (pork shoulder & beef brisket). Our indirect method of BBQ gives our meats a truly unique flavor - you can taste the smoke and feel the heat! Always look for the pink smoke ring, the sign of authentic smoked wood pit BBQ!

Folks sometimes ask us why we use wood to fire our barbecue? Why not just use gas? Sometimes they let us get away with the short answer - "because it makes our meats taste better."

Some of the younger folks then go on to ask "why does it make the meat taste better?" That's when we have to get scientific and explain that because gas is completely odorless and colorless it is dangerous to have around the house in its natural state because you wouldn't know if there was a leak from your stove. The producers of the gas that we use in our kitchens and in our backyard barbecues put sulfur in it so that it will smell bad if it gets loose from a leak.

smoker ovenThe scientists use fancy words like organosulphur compound, thiol, or mercaptan, but whatever you call it, it is a form of smelly sulphur and we don't want to add that particular flavor to our meats - even in small amounts. On the other hand we believe that good old fashioned oak and alder impart wonderful flavors to the meat. We even go so far as to mix the two woods in just the right amounts to get the exact result that we are after.

Another question that we get a lot is why do we have such an elaborate smoker oven that we needed to build it's own house out back. When we get done telling them the whole story they are even more incredulous. We went all the way to Mesquite, Texas, where we purchased our oven from the very best manufacturer of professional smoker ovens in the business (J&R). Not only that, but we selected the model patented by Herbert Oyler in 1968 that revolutionized the art and science of barbecue. A rotisserie action keeps the meat moving through a precise set of temperatures inside the oven where we have complete control of air, smoke, humidity and heat to ensure consistent quality.

Now, we can't prove just how good our meat is, but you can. Just try some!

Some interesting stats:

We had to use a crane truck to put our smoker-oven on it's special cement pad and then we built a building around it,

Authentic Texas Style Wood Pit BBQ!
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