Authentic Texas Style Wood Pit

Texas Wood Pit Smoked Plates

All Orders include cornbread + Full Orders get 2 sides & 1/2 Orders 1 side

Char-Grilled & Hand Cut Select Angus Beef Rib Eye Steaks

Wood Pit Smoked Meats 2Go & Catering

Texas Style Wood Pit BBQ

All of our specialty meats and salmon are slow smoked with native oak & alder in our Texas custom built J & R closed-pit smoker. The meats r rubbed with a blend of Texas spices and then they’re cooked from 4 hours (chicken & ribs) to 12 hours (pork shoulder & beef brisket). The fresh salmon is first brined overnight in a secret blend & then smoked “low & slow”.
Our indirect method of BBQ smoking gives our meats a truly unique flavor - you can taste the delicious smoke in the meat as the natural juices drip down ur chin & U feel the luv!
Always look for the pink smoke ring, the sign of authentic smoked wood pit BBQ!!

Authentic Texas Style Wood Pit BBQ!
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